Posted 7/10/16


Macedon Ranges Shire Council Elections, 2016



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About MRRA


MRRA is an incorporated association, and operates under its Rules.  As an entity, it is - like everyone else - entitled to form and express a view.


Association Policy

Association Members

What the Association Stands For



Association Policy


Macedon Ranges Residents' Association Inc does not run, or financially support, candidates.  Association members are free to nominate as candidates for any political office, and if they do, it is entirely their decision. 


If an Association member nominates as a candidate, under the Association's Rules (at Rule 4: Qualification for Membership), the following sub-clauses apply to members or potential members, and are adhered to: 


Association Members Running As Candidates


Neither the Association nor candidates are under any obligation to make a declaration about membership.  Other organisations don't (including political parties).  However, as the Association forms and expresses views on candidates, we declare when a member is a candidate. 



What The Association Stands For: Association Purposes


The Association's registered Purposes explain what the Association does, and why it exists.