Extract from MRRA's report on 16 December, 2015 Council meeting:

The sixth planning issue, Item PE6, related to adoption of a Development Plan at Kyneton near Village Green Drive, for 341 lots including 200 m2 lots.  


Director of Planning Sophie Segafredo advised a previous Development Plan had been approved for this land some years ago, but had since expired.  Councillors had engaged with the community and Councillors had been briefed.  She further said there had been substantial consultation with this locality (i.e. with the previous Development Plan), and the Planning and Environment Act did not include requirements for third party consultation on Development Plans.  In this instance there had been no community consultation by Council - officers understand what community requirements are. 


Cr. Mowatt said there had been consultation of 50 - 60 people [by the developer], with some Councillors (including himself) present.


When questioned about the cost of the bridge (over the Campaspe River) Ms. Segafredo responded costs hadn't yet been determined and there was no absolute requirement at this time for the bridge but should the rest of the land be developed, there would be.   A contribution of $5,000 per lot had been negotiated with the developer [i.e. $1.7 million towards the bridge].  She estimated the bridge cost at around $10 million.  Funding would come from other developments and Council was working with State and Federal government as well.  A bridge study would be undertaken in the next 12 - 18 months.  There would be a shared contribution between community [groans from gallery] and developments.  


Cr. Anderson put a series of questions: 
What consultation had occurred?  Ms. Segafredo said  community meeting/s, site visit/s, stakeholders of all varieties, and there was substantial discussion about development in this vicinity in the Kyneton Structure Plan. 
Was the consultation developer led?  Ms. Segafredo said Council had people there. 
As Council had tonight moved Amendment C99 forward to a panel and (because she wasn't in Chamber at that time), Cr. Anderson asked if any changes were made to Clause 21.13-2 Objective 10, or to the DPO1 schedule?   Ms. Segafredo said none other than as already in the PE6 Attachment.  
What zone did C99 put on the land:  GRZ1 or GRZ5?  Ms Segafredo said GRZ1.
What Character Precinct was the land in, was it Modern Residential?  Ms. Segafredo said she would have to look it up.
What was the average lot size in the Development Plan?  Ms. Segafredo said it has a a range of lot sizes. 


At this point, Cr. McLaughlin objected, saying it was unfair of Cr. Anderson to ask questions of the officers about things they might not know. 


Cr. Jukes then moved, and Cr. Letchford seconded, the officer's recommendation to approve the Development Plan. 


Cr. Jukes said:

It was a long-standing application before the community with lots of consultation over the years, and a previous permit [sic] had already been issued but had now lapsed.  Officers had taken the opportunity to bring it up to current standards. 

There had been community consultation at the Kyneton Mechanics Institute, jointly run by the developer and Council, buses with people taken out to the site;  the application had been part of the community for some time. 

The development plan was something new, not seen in Macedon Ranges before.  We now have built form - already seen in New Gisborne - not just land being broken up.  Had lots of emails about the 200 m2 lots but the development has 800 m2 lots in the outer areas.  The land is in proximity to the town, and transport, pedestrian and cycling interconnected.

It is also fantastic that Council is getting $5,000 per lot, which is 341 times $5,000 coming into Council's coffers, and that contribution isn't part of the planning scheme, the developer doesn't have to pay, he could even take Council to VCAT, but is paying anyway. 

RobertsDay is the backbone of what we are looking at now.  It's a fantastic company and he had had the opportunity, on his own initiative, to look at one of their projects.  He said this [the development plan? or the company?] was part of Kyneton's growth into the future.  This is the future.


Cr. Anderson agreed a lot of work had been done but disagreed it included consultation, and said: 

C99 lays out what should be done, and Council has endorsed that amendment as being what Council believes.  C99 says infill and development in the Modern Residential character precinct should, [amongst other things], relate to Kyneton's rural town character and be predominantly single storey.  The plan before Council doesn't fulfil the Objective 10's requirements. 

The State government's Practice Note 23 for applying development plan overlays stresses the need for community consultation before applying the Development Plan overlay and approving Development Plans, and consultation being appropriate from the start. 

She was always concerned about the small lots proposed - this [sized lot] isn't Kyneton, and remained concerned that consultation was developer-led, and that the C99 Development Plan Overlay schedule 1 that Council had just endorsed to go to a panel said Council will consult the community for two weeks about Development Plans but now Council was ignoring its own instructions. 

This proposal was about the whole town, not just individuals, and Council needed to bring the Kyneton community on board.


Cr. Connor stood and said $3.4 million, that's what the developer was contributing.  He said he and his wife had once had a beloved larger property, had sold and moved to 600 m2, and now found even that too much to manage.  The Development Plan proposal was fantastic, gives a chance for older people and for kids to buy a house, brings the community together.


Cr Piper said the development ticks all the boxes from health and well-being perspective but her main concern was that consultation was a long time ago, and there was now a lot of angst.


Cr. Jukes closed by saying: 

This was development within the town - modern development, not like Bluestone Rise and he didn't want to go there again.

This Development Plan for Kyneton has all the linkages - has it all - and we won't see it again, not in this town. 

The community has been consulted and those who want to know, know about it. 

It creates diversity, aging in place.  It's not just a subdivision, has open space, etc. 

He had received a few emails over the last few days, but couldn't say these represented broader community views; a group had sent out emails to oppose the proposal, but Council is above that.


Crs. Jukes, Letchford, Connor, Hackett, McLaughlin, Ellis, Mowatt and Piper voted to approve the Development Plan.   Cr. Anderson opposed.


Question time, scheduled for 7.45pm, wasn't conducted until 10.00pm, after Item PE6.  By that late hour, around half of those who had lodged questions had left; their questions were not read out.  The meeting finished around 10.15pm.