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State Government Now Moves To 'Review' Environmental Effects Statement [EES] Act

(22/5/10 - SG)  Another attempt to massage law to fit an agenda? 

In another example of what is becoming a torrent of change and proposed change, the State parliament's Environment Committee is currently 'reviewing' the Environmental Effects Statement Act.  The Review's Terms of Reference suggest one of the Review's objectives is to make EES processes quicker and less costly.  It's an argument often put forward by proponents (e.g. developers or even the State government itself). 


There was a fairly comprehensive review of the EES Act in 2002.  The Panel's recommendations were almost entirely set aside by the present State government.


MRRA Says:

Community people in our networks are getting a strong feeling that the total rush of 'stuff' being put out by government and its agencies is keyed to keeping us exhausted and pre-occupied.


Many of these items upon which comment is invited involve reading reams of paper just to understand the issues and the solutions being put forward.  It can be tedious, and is certainly time-consuming.


The nub of it is that even when community groups make a submission, using up precious volunteer time and sometimes scarce funds, most community-based submissions are simply ignored.  It's more usual these days for the 'big boys' to get what they want, or the outcome is pre-ordained to deliver an ever-more-obvious agenda anyway.  Nothing any of us could say will change it.


MRRA let its exasperation out in responding to an invitation to put in comments on this one.  Click here to see what we said.


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