Posted 6/10/20


Candidate Geoff Neil (East ward) - MRRA 2016 assessment (incorporating 2012 assessment)


Here's what we said about him in 2012:


 "One of the "has-beens", a previous Councillor who has been voted in, voted out, voted in, voted out. 


Once called a Bover Boy, he's on the 'blokey' side, and pro-development in a 1950's way. Only thinks "uh-oh, over-development" when applications come up in Romsey - everywhere else is fair game.  Loved being Mayor, and who will ever forget the photo of Mayor Geoff - Mr Can Do - with a phone in each hand, standing on his crowning glory: the Gisborne Call Centre building site?  Eeeuwww.  The Shire can't afford to go as far back into the past as we think this candidate would take it."


And here he is, back again in 2016.  Can sound terrific on a flyer, but take note of the pattern:  elected, not re-elected, elected, not re-elected.  Also watch out for that 'common sense approach to rural land', and more growth needed in Romsey.  Likes growth and development, and economic development (loved the Gisborne Call Centre!), and in 2008 (i.e. the last time he was on council) threw his support behind developing Clarkefield with 3,000 people.   Scary.  


Would MRRA vote for this candidate?   NO, NO, NO.   Been there, done that, regretted it.