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The Big Population Debate: Robert Doyle v Kelvin Thomson,  Monday 13th October, 5.30pm - 7.00pm

(8/10/14 - P)   "population growth is inevitable" v "population growth is neither inevitable nor desirable"    Red Alerts

Planning Backlash, a coalition of community and residents groups, has done the almost impossible:  organised a public debate on population growth.  The focus in Planning Backlash's publicity is Melbourne's population, but people in most rural and regional areas are also concerned about what is going to happen to Victoria, if growth continues at the current rate.   Here's what Planning Backlash say:


"Just a reminder about the Big Population Debate next Monday, we hope to see you there.  Why not come along and have a meal at Federation Square afterwards?


THE BIG POPULATION DEBATE    13th October 2014

Melbourne’s population is set to double in the next 35 years because of record immigration numbers.

                                Will Melbourne still be the most liveable city then?


Think about it :


• double those travelling on public transport
• double the number of cars on our already congested roads
• double the number of residents living in your area
• double the multi storey apartments and high-rises
• double the infrastructure required to support the growth etc.


Ask yourself who will pay for all the infrastructure up-grades required?  It will be the existing residents – not the new arrivals.


We have arranged a debate on the increasing rate of our population growth


Between ROBERT DOYLE, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor  and  KELVIN THOMSON, MP, President of Victoria First Inc.


Robert Doyle says that “population growth is inevitable so we should plan for it.”  

Kelvin Thomson says “population growth is neither inevitable nor desirable, it damages our way of life and our children’s future.”


Where:  Deakin Edge, Federation Square

When:   Monday 13th October 2014,  5.30pm  until  7.00pm            


We have attached a flyer with full details


ENTRY IS FREE   (although a small donation would help towards our costs).


The debate has been organized by Planning Backlash, a coalition of community and resident groups.


 We thank the following groups for their generous donations towards our costs:

Malvern East Group (MEG)  Carlton Residents’ Association,  Brighton Residents for Urban Protection

Save Our Suburbs (SOS)  and  Boroondara Residents’ Action Group (BRAG)."


  Google Map:,144.969058,19z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6ad642b6e9fcc44f:0x38e74745ead60eab


Kelvin Thompson Asks Is Melbourne @ 5 Million A Better City Than Melbourne @ 4 Million?

(14/11/10 - SG)  Speech for Planning Backlash's population debate now available.

This was the debate last Sunday between Kelvin Thomson, an advocate for less population growth and more sustainability, and Andrew McLeod of the Committee For Melbourne which is pushing government to go with 10 million people in Victoria.  Although speeches in the debate were not rated, an attendee had this to say:  "Kelvin won 'hands down' against Andrew MacLeod CEO Committee for Melbourne whose talk on Melbourne@5 Million was subtitled 'Getting Bigger and Better all the Time'!"  Click here to see Kelvin's speech.


Bob Carr Joins Kelvin Thomson In Speaking Out Against Over-Population

(19/11/09 - P)  But is anyone listening?

Bob Carr has spoken out strongly in a truly major article  in the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, but it did not get printed in the Age, though it is on their website, it was only printed in the SMH. Here are the web links to both papers - click on them to see the article.


In the article, Bob Carr he has made clear just how irresponsible the behavior of bureaucrats and governments has been. For instance he says:


Yet none of the Canberra bureaucrats who ticked off high immigration were required to link rising population numbers to water. Not to the fragility of the Murray and Adelaide's reliance on it for 90 per cent of its drinking water; to the unpredictability of south-east Queensland's rainfall; or to the unknowns about Perth's Yarragadee aquifer. ... Letting annual arrivals blow out to 500,000 a year required not even a one-page summary of environmental implications.

As he puts it, there is now a deepening "rift valley between 90 per cent of Australians and their political and business leadership over population policy, or rather the absence of any policy except "more".

If you want to comment on Carr's article, the email addresses for letters to the editor are


Protectors Of Public Lands Victoria Inc Revs Up On Over-Population

(19/11/09 - P)  Check out the 14 point plan by Kelvin Thomson (MHR for Wills) to stabilize Australia's population at 26 million - Kelvin is also speaking at Sustainable Population Australia's meeting on November 29 - all welcome (details below)


Click here to access the speech that Kelvin Thomson MHR for Wills delivered to the Royal Park Protection Group AGM on 11 November at the North Melbourne Library.


The speech puts forward 14 recommendations on how Australia can stabilise its population at 26 million. Some of the measures include abolishing the baby bonus, restricting the family tax benefit for third and subsequent children, reducing our net overseas migration program to 70,000 per annum and reducing our skilled program down to 25,000.


Please find the links below to the stories that appeared in the Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on his speech for your information: (Herald Sun)  (Herald Sun)  (The Age) (Sydney Morning Herald)


Also see Kelvin's previous speeches at these links


Population Speech: or


Immigration Speech:


Speech to the Victorian National Parks Association Grassland Day:


Speech on Overseas Students:


UGB Submission:


The resolution passed at the Royal Park Protection Group AGM meeting read: "Support Kelvin Thomson in his stand on population growth  and its impact on the environment and his call for a population summit." 


Julianne Bell, Secretary Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc., PO Box 197, Parkville, 3052. Mobile 0408 022 408


MRRA Says:


Kelvin Thomson must be run off his feet as more and more thinking people want to hear what he has to say.  You have a chance to hear for yourself at the Special Meeting of Sustainable Population Australia (Victorian Branch) on November 29.


When: 3 pm


Date: Sunday November 29 November 2009


Where: Meeting Room 1, North Melbourne Library (upstairs), 66 Errol Street, North Melbourne (next to the Town Hall and Post Office near the corner of Errol and Queensberry St. (Parking usually available in surrounding streets.) Tram No 57 from Elizabeth St. travels along Errol St.


Speaker: Kelvin Thomson on "Population Reform - Political Challenges"


All welcome ! This is a public meeting held by Sustainable Population Australia (Victorian Branch.) SPA Victoria says: "Please join us for afternoon tea and meet Kelvin Thomson afterwards."


Contact: Jill Quirk SPA President mobile 0409 742 927 (click here for the notice of the meeting)


Alert From Sustainable Population Australia To Urban & Regional Population Forums

(17/9/09 - P)  Dept of Planning and Community Development is hosting forums across Victoria focussing on Victoria In Future population projections


Below is the link to the relevant on page on the website of the Victorian Dept of Planning and Community Services which will tell you of the coming Urban and Regional forums - as described:


Department of Planning & Community Development is hosting a series of forums across Victoria during September, October and November to present the story behind the Victoria in Future numbers.


This is a DPCD in the community event, during each forum attendees will be given an opportunity to consider and discuss the implications of the population projections and provide any thoughts and comments.


For enquiries - contact 

Nicola McCracken, Communications and Administration Officer
Department of Planning and Community Development
Telephone 9208 3699 Fax 9208 3335 (during business hours)
Email to



CanDoBetter Exposes Scandalous Scanlon Report (30 million by 2050) And Supporters

(29/8/09 - O)  It's what is going on without you knowing

Click here for info...


SPA (Sustainable Population Australia) On Andrew Bolt

(14/10/08 - E)  "People who normally disapprove of Andrew Bolt, the often vitriolic right-wing columnist in Australia's Herald Sun, were today (8/10/08) at a loss with unfamiliar feelings of agreement"

Click here for press release from Jill Quirk, Vic President of SPA


Melbourne 2008 - Life In A Destruction Zone

(16/7/08 - O)  Sheila Newman runs us through why it's a destruction zone, and not just in Melbourne

Click here for more information or go directly to


Melbourne's Liveability Fades As Population Soars

(11/3/08 - P)  Sustainable Population Australia (Vic branch) media release

Jill Quirk, President of the Victorian branch of Sustainable Population Australia, expresses concern for impacts of population growth on quality of life and says the solution is simple: "turn off the tap on immigration to slow population growth and we will have some hope of a manageable future."  Click here to see the media release.


Melbourne's Population Surge

(11/3/08 - P)  Latest bulletin by Monash Uni's Centre for Population and Urban Research

Prepared by Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, this bulletin discusses issues ranging from a failing Melbourne 2030 to the new residential zones to population projections.  Click here to go to the bulletin.


Latest Figures Expose An Immigration Explosion In The Past 3 Years

(3/3/08 - P)  Marry that with the new bonus-fed 'baby boom', and it's no wonder governments aren't coping with the massive population growth Australia is experiencing

Graphs prepared by Sheila Newman of Sustainable Population Australia reveal just how rampant immigration has been since 2004.  The timeframe coincides with a clear increase in births driven by the Federal government's so-called baby-bonus.


According to Sheila, these graphs measure the difference between numbers in and out of Australia, giving total net immigration figures.  One shows the Total Net Overseas Immigration between 1988 and 2007, and the other two Total Net Immigration between 1953 and 2006, expressed in both numbers and percentage of total population.  Sheila's comment on the results was 'scary'.


MRRA Says:


Burgeoning population growth (from whatever source) is an issue that must be addressed with the greatest urgency by governments.  In a country with the potential to experience severe climate change impacts, and when increased human population is a known cause and driver of the problem, why does Australia have the immigration rates it does, and why oh why are we paying people to have more babies?


With transport grinding to a halt, depleted water supplies, a housing affordability crisis and pressure for more rural land to be gobbled up by development - those are just some of the things going off the rails - it couldn't be any clearer that this much growth, this fast, is taking us all down.


MRRA says it's time for a public debate on how much growth, and at what rate.  Governments can't just keep on accepting unfettered growth, even though that's what developers seem to want and are understood to have lobbied for.  Getting a sustainable balance and a future for all of us is far, far more important than letting a few people grow rich on unlimited growth at the expense of the rest of the population, and the planet.


Populate AND Perish?  Hear Sustainable Population Australia's Sheila Newman in Woodend, Wednesday February 27 (tomorrow)

(26/2/08 - E)  The question of what is sustainable population growth gives all of us plenty to think and talk about.  Here's an opportunity to listen to an expert on the subject.  Don't miss it!

Woodend Sustainable Living Community is hosting this presentation.  Click here for more information.